Gas Membrane Validation & Leak Detection

Testing & validation

Gas Membrane Services Limited provides an independent gas membrane testing and validation of protection systems that have been installed on buildings against Hazardous Ground Gases.

Gas Membrane Services Limited operates within the relevant UK standards of good practice and our verification will provide evidence in the form of photographs and a comprehensive bound report detailing the work carried out in accordance with CIRIA C735.

Once on site our highly experienced inspectors will manage the validation process and carry out any probe testing or air lance testing as well as a thorough visual inspection of all areas.

Our validator will be able to advise on the frequency and nature of testing required for your project suited to the level of risk.

Whilst on site if any damage or poor seals are identified the area is highlighted and if the opportunity arises these can be rectified and re-tested on the same visit.

We are able to carry out High Pressure Air Lance Testing which immediately highlights any imperfections due to any seals failing.